DIY Chocolate Magic Shell

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This instant, DIY Chocolate Magic Shell provides an easy and addicting way to add chocolate to your ice cream or frozen yogurt.


  • chocolate chips or chopped chocolate (about 1 - 2 heaping tablespoons per bowl of ice cream)*


  1. Place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir well, even if it seems that the chocolate hasn't melted enough. Microwave for an additional 30 seconds, if needed. Stir until completely smooth.
  2. Pour melted chocolate onto ice cream or frozen yogurt; it will harden within seconds. The thinner the coating, the easier it will be to crack into with a spoon.**


*The frozen yogurt pictured was topped with 1 heaping tablespoon of chocolate chips, melted.

**I would suggest making your coating thinner than pictured above for an easy break. For this reason, using a bowl that exposes more surface area of your ice cream/frozen yogurt will let you use an ample amount of DIY Magic Shell without making the coating too thick.